Is it worth using Gimp?

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Gimp is a program for processing raster graphics, which is expressed in pixels. This is a free equivalent of all known software: Adobe Photoshop. Of course, it does not offer such powerful capabilities, nor is it as popular as Photoshop, but with its help we can create many interesting projects. Its biggest drawback is the interface. It is not as intuitive as the competition, so working with this program takes more time. However, these differences will only be perceived by professionals, for beginners, they do not have much significance.

First of all we need to know that Gimp is free. We like to use free programs, even if they give you less options than the versions for which you have to pay a few nice thousand. This is also good news for beginners. There are no miracles here, so let’s play some graphics and decide if we want to take it seriously.

The program takes up very little space. Another big plus. Photoshop on the weaker computers is loading long and I’m not talking about the latest versions. In my opinion, even Photoshop 7.0 makes problems sometimes. It weighs so fast and it can easily be downloaded even on the weak internet. It also has very little disk space. We currently have very large disks and it does not matter so much, but I do not like the collapsed system anyway.


Does not overwhelm the number of options. In Gimp not everything can be done, but can it be considered a minus? Photoshop for beginners is difficult and overwhelming because of the fact that you can afford it too much. Laicy usually use all the options at once (especially filters) and create shoddy graphics. If the program does not have many options, there is a small chance that we will get lost in them. Especially if we are not professionals, who know exactly how to program images. This is very important and we should keep this in mind.

Gimp also has a PSD extension. This is a very useful thing. Extension is useful when you want to transfer your file to Photoshop and other PSD-enabled graphics programs. The other way, however, is not working so well. We can not read Gimp layers with masks created in Photoshop.

Remember that it is intuitive and easy to use. After a few clicks and two guides you can already do some interesting things in Gimp. It is very intuitive and transparent. Although there are often opinions that the interface is chaotic, windows interfere, it looks complicated. Is Photoshop better? There are some windows that need to be turned off (eg a very useful window with layers). You can get used to each interface.

GIMP is the only free program available on Linux. Photoshop apparently does not work in this system. So far, there have been “rumors” about whether Photoshop will appear on Linux. However, if Photoshop does not work on Linux then Gimp has another plus.

As you can see, this program has more advantages than disadvantages. So if we start our adventure with photo processing in particular, we should decide on it. It’s free, everyone can download it on his computer.

Is it worth using Gimp?
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