What is work of frontend developer?

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The development of modern technology has contributed to the emergence of completely new professions that we could not hear a few years ago. Their representatives perfectly find themselves on the labor market, earning numerous jobs, quickly finding a permanent job and earning salaries well above the national average. An excellent example of such a profession is the frontend developer.

The number of people dealing with professional web development is referred to as webmasters. Due to the long and complicated process of designing websites, the division has been divided into front-end and back-end developers.

As its name implies, it is a job dedicated to what is going on outside, “in front” of the site. A representative of this profession takes care of its visual element, using CSS and HTML, and software developed by the back-end of the developer. Its purpose is also to place on the portal all kinds of graphic elements, including animation. Layout of each portal should be clear, modern and catchy. Due to the changing consumption of the Internet, the front-end developer must use codes that will allow the pages to fit into different types of devices. Otherwise the content will appear on the screen of a dozen or so, and quite the opposite on the much smaller display of the smartphone. The webmaster in this area should have the ability to create an extensive graphic layout for responsive sites.

On the advertising portals we will find a lot of job offers for representatives of this modern profession. Due to its high level of responsibility and attractive financial conditions, certain requirements must be met. First and foremost, it must be the person who has completed IT or continues to study in this field. However, in the second case only older students who have more free time are taken into consideration, so that they can easily reconcile work with education.

Employers in the first place, of course, face those front-end developers who have had any experience in their profession. In this industry, the practice is worth the effort, so it is worth trying to acquire it already in the course of study. It may also be beneficial to work on your own as a freelancer. In this way we train our skills and earn more money. Focusing on skills should take into account the knowledge of all languages ​​and programming codes and modern technologies, which are constantly changing. Because of the widespread use of English in a variety of IT systems, it is also important to use this language fluently, both in speech and in writing.

What is work of frontend developer?
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