What is flat design?

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Flat design, otherwise called flat design. This is a design style that assumes the elimination of such elements as gradients, shading, reflections, mirror reflections, phase-relief. It involves limiting the number of colors and using only simple shapes and topographies.

Flat design is a graphic design style that eliminates elements such as gradients and shading, reduces the number of colors, and uses only simple shapes and typography. The opposite of graphic skeumorfism. Flat design popularized at the beginning of the 21st century in the creation of graphics for electronic publications is derived directly from the International Typographic Style (the so-called Swiss school) developing since the 1950s.

Flat design assumptions are used when designing GUIs and web pages for optimization and legibility, such as for mobile devices. Minimizing graphics elements and simplifying them allows you to customize the page for limited data transfer, and also for displaying on a small screen.

One of the earliest uses of these assumptions on a large scale was the Modern UI in Windows 8. One of the biggest designs using the flat design concept was MDL2 (a design style created and developed by Microsoft) and Material Design (created and developed by Google).

Applications created with Flat Design often focus on matching colors, exposing content (eg by capital letters, using appropriate font or bold, highlighting headings, short introductory text blocks, calculations). Very often, the use of the latest technologies such as html5 / css3, parralax effects, which cause the background of each part. The result of applying these treatments is that the project performed in this way is transparent, readable, and without any effects.

Flat Design allows you to limit the essential elements of the mobile version of the site. Due to the obvious technical limitations of the mobile pages, and the fact that they have to fit in a small screen, they require a different approach to creation. For this reason, it involves creating icons, colors, and typing the best fonts to match the flat design concept.

In addition, you can talk about certain behaviors related to the use of this type of graphics. I mean here is a three-striped sign that appears in the web page menu, which means a hidden item (such as navigation), hidden to prevent the use of this site.

Of course, there is another, quite important feature. Namely, focusing the attention of the person using the application only on its content. By limiting ornamentation and rejecting unnecessary or irrelevant elements, there is a clear message and the site becomes more functional.

What is flat design?
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