What are A / B tests?

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Do you know how to easily find out which product or content is best for your customers? The answer is A / B tests. With this text you will learn what A / B tests are, how to successfully perform them, and what mistakes should be avoided.

The A/B test, also referred to as a comparative test, is a comparison of at least two slightly different design or product versions to determine which variable (s) is better. A / B tests have been used to evaluate changes made to web pages, but the idea of ​​doing them is much older. The test allows you to determine which version gets more to the customer and therefore is more effective. This is most often attributed to the conversion rate – the higher the content or the more effective the product. You need to find out what will convince your visitors to the action you want.

The newsletter and the c-t-a button’s performance check is an example of a small demonstration of the capabilities of the A / B test. They serve a great deal when testing online advertising campaigns or web content. However, it is possible to calculate the conversion.

There are several factors that affect whether an A / B test will actually translate into a conversion. First, it’s important to consider what kind of conversion we want to affect your site – whether on ad clicks or banners, newsletter signups, sign-ups, purchases, or anything else. Now you need to designate an item on the page that is responsible for the type of conversion you specify. Think about how you want to change it.
The given button is just one of many possible changes. You can also change headings, font style, page length, price, offer details, navigation layout, general layout of the page, images, background color or buttons, and more.

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Where to start testing? Take into account the current traffic to your site, the current level of conversions on it, and the possible conversion rate. Give priority to areas that generate high traffic and have a high conversion potential – with a slight change you will see noticeable increases. If possible, check for example, what your users think about your site, and what their behavior is. This gives you the answer to what should be the key changes.

The A / B test can be performed very quickly and efficiently. But what to do when you want to check the effectiveness of changes to the website? With the help of some internet tools, The first one is included with Google Analytics Website Optimizer. Another tool. Thanks to them you will be able to carry out an A / B test.

How long should it last? It is important that the test yields meaningful results, where the determinant will be the number of conversions. Some sources state that a test should be considered reliable if the number of conversions for one of the tested versions is 100. The higher the number of conversions, the more accurate the test.

What are A / B tests?
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