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Smartphone battery saving – application

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Since the beginning of the era of smartphones, battery life is the main problem for all OS users. Usually, the battery normally only needs 24/48 hours of use. Of course, different manufacturers offer us larger batteries with greater capacity, or additional external power sources. However, it is an additional expense and ballast. If you do not want to spend on additional power, then you should use various applications to save energy.

Deep Sleep provides five different profiles: Gentle, Balance, Strong, Aggressive, Slumberer. Depending on the profile selected, the application will disable programs running on the phone and will wake up eg every 45 minutes to synchronize data. The user can also set his own profile and adapt it to his own needs. The application is translated into many languages ​​and offers many settings in the configuration. The application is available in many languages, partly in Polish.

Deep Sleep Battery Saver mobile app also allows you to set a white list of applications that will continue to run in the background while other applications will be closed to save the battery.

In addition to using the application, it is also worth finding other solutions to this problem. The relationship between backlight power and energy consumption is obvious. However, we often forget about how important it is to set the right brightness, keeping it unnecessarily high, or relying on the automatic mode, which itself consumes some energy. Definitely the best for our battery is to set the brightness at a minimum level, which guarantees comfortable visibility and if necessary manually adjust it.

Smartphone battery saving – application
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