Setting up a blog – the best platforms for blogging

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Blogging platforms may not have as many bloggers, but their number is really impressive. There are many smaller and larger websites, free and paid, better and worse. In any case, there is a lot to choose from.

Blogger is run by Google and is one of the most interesting free proposals. They started their adventure with Makowym ABC on it and almost everything worked as they wanted. At the beginning. It was only when they wanted to adjust the whole to their own needs, that the limitations and the difficulty with introducing certain modifications began to irritate their.

Of course, we have the ability to connect the whole to our newly purchased domain – there are guides on how to do it in the Blogger Help Department (similarly in the case of the examples below).

The biggest limitations result from the small number of motifs to stand out from the crowd. Later, the content will be played first violin. Modifying the appearance compared to other platforms is also extremely annoying. Similarly, the case moves with widgets and other additions – it is not pleasant to use. However, if you do not want to dig too much in appearance and accessories, then the platform is worth recommending.

WordPress is probably the most popular blogging platform on the market today, but the free is extremely easy to use and provides a lot of convenience. We are limited to a handful of themes and a short list of plugins and widgets, but we do not have to worry about anything: hosting is provided by WordPress, and the address is given in the form Definitely one of the better completely free options.

Also a free and open-source solution, however, requiring you to have your own server, basic knowledge about its operation and configuration, and buying a domain. This is by far the best choice if we want to take care of everything from A to Z, although we must remember the constant need to manage and update the whole.

A huge community provides numerous free and paid themes, the ability to create your own with little knowledge and work, and a powerful database of plug-ins and widgets. is definitely the best solution in terms of expandability, but do not be deceived – sooner or later it will cost quite a lot. Paid motifs are much more attractive than free, the domain needs to be paid, and the hosting company will regularly issue invoices. Tumblr is one of the most interesting free proposals, not necessarily the most extensive, but ideally suited to running a blog containing a lot of multimedia content. WordPress is the best solution for everyone.

Entries are divided into different types: photos, video, text, link and so on. This allows us to manage our content in a very simple way and is very intuitive. If we also have an iPhone, BlackBerry or Android smartphone, we can also use a very friendly application (at least in the first case). Our account additionally allows you to register sub-blogs, which somehow fall under the main account, but are independent of it.

Setting up a blog – the best platforms for blogging
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