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Save your smartphone battery with an app

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Many complain about the short battery life of modern smartphones. Unfortunately, we want to have more and more powerful devices, and we use them more and more, and the battery capacity is limited. Can we remedy this?

Fortunately, we can see a positive trend among developers writing apps for mobile operating systems, which is about paying attention to the power consumption of applications. Also popular is the so-called Doze mode available on Android Marshmallow and power saving mode on Android 5.0.

But what should the owners of older phones do? It turns out that, fortunately, they do not have to throw their used earphones in the trash, because the Google Play store has the Doze app. How does it work? We must admit that the principle of this program is brilliant. When the screen of our phone is off, the so-called snooze mode is activated. In this mode, a “blind” VPN tunnel is set up, which blocks the Internet connections of all our applications. Of course, we can set up an exception list so that, for example, Facebook Messenger can access the network when the snooze mode is active.

However, keep in mind that this app works a little differently than the energy saving features available in the new Android. For Android 5, applications receive data from the Internet only when they are manually enabled when they are used. With Doze, our applications receive data when we have the screen turned on. Snooze mode implemented in Android M is activated only when the phone is disconnected from the charger and not used for more than 30 minutes. When using the Doze application, the snooze mode is activated immediately when the screen is off.

Also try some of the more traditional ways to conserve battery life in your smartphone. Although the mobile app is a very good solution, it is also worth to darken the screen. Battery power is also a major influence on the battery life, so it is best to darken it. An excellent solution is to limit the download of background data. Certainly, thanks to these steps, as well as installing a special application, our battery will run much longer.

Save your smartphone battery with an app
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