Salesforce – what it is?

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Salesforce is currently one of the most popular solutions for customer service and sales support (CRM) based on cloud solutions. It enables advanced configuration and modification of the built-in functionality (out-of-the-box) depending on the needs of users. It also has many dedicated applications placed in the online store (AppExchange), which extend the platform’s capabilities without programming.

In addition, Salesforce allows you to build specialized and integrated solutions for clients using, among others, Apex programming language, Java Script and Visualforce technology. This is what we do in Craftware. We implement various Salesforce products: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Pardot. These tools are fully scalable and integrated with each other and with many other systems. Salesforce is a company that is thriving and spending three updates every year, noting huge growth. In Poland and worldwide, more and more enterprises are choosing to use this CRM system because of its flexibility and a large number of built-in functionalities.

Salesforce is a technology that quickly gains popularity, which gives great career prospects. A refined and mature platform and matching project management standards mean easier and more pleasant work and the opportunity to acquire a good programming workshop.

Salesforce programmers use Apex language and VisualForce technology in their work. If you program in any object-oriented language, learning Apexa will be relatively easy for you. Knowledge of relational databases and the SQL language as well as the basics of JavaScript and HTML are also useful for the implementation. Thanks to the extensive documentation, the implementation is very easy. In addition, trailheads are helpful an interactive tutorials with practical exercises that show the use of various functionalities offered by SFDC in a practical way. For candidates programming in Java, an additional simplification will be its similarity to Apex.

Salesforce – what it is?
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