Salesforce – application

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Salesforce is a platform that is still a niche in Poland and which is gaining more and more popularity among foreign corporations.

Salesforce is a global leader among CRM solutions. Founded in 1999, today employs more than 19,000 employees, generates revenue of USD 7 billion and has the largest market share in CRM, along with SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and IBM. From year to year, more and more companies are opting for applications created on the Salesforce platform. For confirmation, it’s enough to name a few of their biggest clients: Facebook, Coca-Cola, Canon or Toyota.

The platform works entirely in the cloud, the applications are actually websites, so to use the platform we need only a browser (without any additional extensions) and access to the Internet. The entire application code is stored on Salesforce servers, where all actions are processed, and the user gets a simple page in response, which loads without major delays. All this makes applications universal, operate on different devices, on different operating systems and on different browsers. By the way, the new interface, Lightning Experience, allows developers to easily create websites using responsive-design, thus adapting to the screen size of a smartphone or tablet.

Salesforce offers a lot of ready-made mechanisms that should meet the business requirements of most customers. Certain limitations resulting from the use of standard solutions compensate for the speed of their implementation. Salesforce also works well when the client requires custom, individual solutions – in this case we also need only a browser. The platform provides the Developer Console, which offers a number of different possibilities.

In other words, the entire application can be created in the development console without any programming tools. However, in order to create applications in a more convenient way, and at the same time faster and more effective, it is good to use such tools. Salesforce also comes with the help by providing the plug-in to the Eclipse environment. It connects to the Salesforce API and offers the same functionality as the Developer Console, but in a more user-friendly form.

Salesforce – application
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