The most popular programming languages

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Recently programming has become very popular. Many companies are looking for programmers, also studios of this type are very besieged. Even in schools children begin to learn programming. So what are the most popular programming languages?

Java is a programming language used by approximately 9 million developers worldwide. Although he is over 20 years old, his popularity is still enormous. It works on over 7 billion devices, both on Windows and Linux. In addition, this language is used to develop any native Android application. The main advantage of Java is retention of backward compatibility in new versions of JRE and JDK.

Javascript is another very popular programming language, belonging to a group of scripting languages. The main purpose of its creation was to make the presentation more attractive, and to enrich them with the ability to interact with the user. The frontend is used as an HTML extension, but more and more often it also appears on the backend. JavaScript is handled properly by every web browser and appears on most pages. All this causes the demand for programmers of this language is very large.

SQL is one of the most popular structured query languages. Used to create, modify, and manage databases. It is a declarative language, which means that instead of writing what is to be done, we declare what we expect. We just give what data we want to get or what modifications we are interested in, and the database engine is doing the right thing. SQL is universal because it can be used independently of hardware or operating system. It is relatively simple, so it is easy to learn.

PHP is yet another one of the first widely used scripting languages ​​for extending the capabilities of web pages. It was developed as a popular extension of the popular Perl scripting language and is still closely related to it. PHP syntax, although very similar to popular programming languages, has been simplified so that people who use it do not have to pay attention to the correctness of the types of variables, allocation, release of memory, etc.

Python is a high-level programming language. His name is derived from the famous comedy group Monty Python. Although the language is quite elaborate, it is easy to learn. It features a minimalist core syntax with basic commands and simple semantics. Python is very similar to English, so it is often recommended to beginners.

Programming languages ​​are popular very much. All you have to do is choose the most suitable programming language, as they often differ in their level of difficulty.

The most popular programming languages
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