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An overview of the augmented reality application

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Augmented Reality (AR) is a new system that combines the virtual and real world. This system presents itself very interestingly in mobile phones, for which more and more such applications are being created. Here is an overview of the most interesting items on the market of applications with the Augmented Reality system.

Web browsers are still in the price, but slowly this market is starting to evolve in a slightly different direction. The company Mobilizy, who created the application called Wikitude World Browser, became convinced about it. This program uses a camera built into the phone to combine a real image with a virtual one – and so we can watch the Eiffel Tower in Paris and get automatic information about this object. This application uses for this purpose messages placed in the English-language version of Wikipedia. This is a free program that is available for Android, Symbian and iPhone.

A similar mobile app for Wikitude World Browser is Google Goggles, one of which is the ability to get information about a given place using augmented reality. Unfortunately, the downside of Google Goggles is cooperation with only one OS – Android. The Mobilizy company followed the blow of its first production (Wikitude World Browser) and created Wikitude Drive, navigation using the AR system. The idea was not innovative, because it could already be seen in traditional GPS devices. This application retrieves data on the passage from the NavTeq, Map24 and TeleAtlas websites, which are well known to the Polish driver. Just like Wikitude World Browser, this application is available for phones with Symbian, Android and iPhone OS.

FireFighter 360 is a slightly different (unconventional) application of augmented reality in mobile phones. This application is a dream come true for all those who wanted to become firefighters as a child. In addition, FireFighter 360 shows that augmented reality does not have to be used only in applications, as well as in games. To be downloaded from the App Store.

Stella Artois Le Bar Guide is an application created specifically for beer lovers who are not lacking in our town on the Vistula River. Of course, Stella is a well-known brand of Belgian beer, and the application allows you to quickly find the nearest Stella bar using the AR system. Unfortunately, it can not enjoy high recognition in Poland, because we do not have a list of Stella bars, and their very presence on the Polish market is unique. We can do nothing but wait for a similar application from Kompania Piwowarska, which would certainly be a hit. The program is available on the iPhone.

Twitter 360 is an application dedicated to the iPhone 3GS. As you can guess, Twitter 360 has a close connection to the popular microblog portal – Twitter. It uses the geolocation of users who are currently twitt – we can see where they are currently (map or real image).

An overview of the augmented reality application
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