Motion design – what is it?

Motion design
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Animation design, animated graphic design or motion design is, as the name says, graphic moving in the screen space and in time. Unlike traditional animations, which go back to Disney’s 2D frame-by-frame drawing, motion graphics primarily uses geometric shapes, icons, texts and illustrations – and for animation, instead of thousands of drawings, markings are made on points, contours, or Whole objects, so that they move on the screen over a range the famous Keyboard. 


The Frenchman Georges Méliès, who practically was born along with the cinema in the late nineteenth century, already used some techniques of stop motion, that later would influence in the appearance of the graphic motion. From Méliès, many artists and professionals tried, with every effort, to create moving graphics, often in a heroic way. 

Alongside Méliès, the English animator Norman McLaren and New York graphic designer Saul Bass, creator of the initial credits of classics like Psycho. A Body that Falls and Sin Lies Beside, are considered some of the main references of the beginnings of motion Graphics. 

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Examples include animated typography (or kinetic typography) and graphic elements seen in movie titles, or generic or opening vignettes for television or fiction, based on animation. About 12 minutes on each hour of television are the work of an animation designer, however this is known as invisible art, since many viewers do not realize this component in television or film programming. Although this art form has existed for several decades, it is in recent years that there is a great technological evolution in terms of technical sophistication. If you watch a lot of television or watch a lot of movies, you will notice that the graphics, typography and visual effects of this medium have become much more elaborate and sophisticated. 


The development of this art form is largely due to technological improvements. Computer programs for the film and video industry have become much more powerful and more available. Probably the program most used by animation designers is Adobe After Effects, which allows the creation and modeling of graphics in a temporal period. Adobe After Effects is often referred to as “Photoshop for the cinema”. A relatively recent product on the market is Apple’s Motion Inc., which is now part of Final Cut Studio. Adobe Flash is also used for web interaction animation. 


A typical animation designer is nowadays generally a person trained in graphic design or traditional communication design (sometimes it will also come from a film and television training, usually multimedia art) who has learned to play with the elements In time and in sound through programs focused on animation and audiovisual. 


Although it has been present for decades, animation design has been greatly enriched by technological developments, with its visual effects, graphics and typography rendered very elaborate and sophisticated. 

Motion design – what is it?
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