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Mobile applications and the security of your phone

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Our parents remember times without cell phones. It’s not so distant years, although today they seem to be a distant past. When mobile phones appeared in everyday life, they initially served mainly for calling and answering calls and for sending text messages. Today everything has changed. Smartphones are miniaturized computers that are used to take pictures, watch movies, play games, make purchases, and carry out financial operations. Mobility has also taken over the banking world, but are mobile banking applications secure?

Telephones, and therefore mobile applications, have entered the everyday life of people around the world. According to the data more than half of them have a mobile phone. Only in Poland, the number of active cells is 58.84 million, so there is not one, but 1.5 telephone for one Pole. Poles loved the cells, their positive feelings also aroused by banking mobility. In Europe, the number of users of such solutions increased from 41 to 47 percent, and in Poland in 2016, as many as 7.7 million people used them.

What are mobile banking applications? This software is used to carry out financial operations without having to turn on your laptop or computer. Banks guarantee an ever wider range of services that can be realized using a mobile phone. This includes checking account balances, making bank transfers, opening deposits or applying for a cash loan.

A sense of security is the most important for us. After all, we do not want to share your data with third parties, let alone lose your savings account. The safe use of mobile banking applications is just as important to us as to securely borrow online from non-bank institutions. In both cases we use the network, so we should remember similar tips. When it comes to taking loans over the phone, we need to use proven connections, set strong passwords and only share the actually needed personal data.

Mobile applications and the security of your phone
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