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Mobile applications for business

Mobile applications for business
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Mobile is a technology sphere that needs to be treated as an immanent element of reality, not just a niche trend. Media and social observers argue that mobile tools have a large impact on our consumer attitudes and shape our behavior by connecting online and offline worlds. 


But mobile, it is not just faster shopping or easier access to news. Mobile applications offer many tangible benefits that are also useful to business people. What tools should equip a modern business man? Here are some examples. 


There are plenty of mobile for business in the markets to support time and task management. Among them are simpler ones such as Google Keep, which is a virtual substitute of colored sticky notes glued around the monitor. But there is also a lack of more sophisticated tools, such as Trello, to manage more elaborate projects involving more people. When choosing a CRM for your business, you also need to know if it has a version that allows you to use it with your smartphone. This allows both the boss and subordinates to keep up with assigned tasks (for example on-site salesmen, and staff on delegations, etc.). 


Marketing often requires taking action here and now, using the context and the situation. It is therefore worth to equip yourself with tools that will allow you to lead and monitor your campaigns from your smartphone. Examples include Google AdWords (introduced by Google in early March) and Facebook Advertising Manager. In addition, you can also recommend a mobile application to send SMS campaigns (for example This allows you to schedule and send a message to your customers or monitor the performance of your shipment while away. It also checks when sending current information to participants of different types of events and conferences. 


Mobile accounting seems to me to be a useful solution especially for people running a one-person business. There are at least two such tools on the market. This is inFakt and ifirma. With insights into current statistics you can, for example, while on the go, analyze the profitability of the company, or calculate the amount of tax for the passing month. It is also convenient to quickly issue or correct VAT invoices in certain situations. 


Sometimes, you need a quick check on your credit or your account balance. In this case, the mobile application will also be irreplaceable. Banks have started a race in the field some time ago, offering more and more friendly and more functional tools. It is easy and convenient to check whether the contractor made a late payment or ordered the transfer, for example, to the IRS. 


In some industries, real-time business is extremely important to the company’s image. This is why you should use social media monitoring and the internet. When selecting this type of system, it is important to check whether it has a mobile application or even a convenient RWD panel for efficient operation from the browser. 


There are many different business applications available today. They are often free and can help you manage your business. 

Mobile applications for business
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