Meaning of the colors used in the advertisement

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Colors like nothing else can add energy or to chill emotions. Also in the ad. The facts speak for themselves. For 65% of customers, color is the most important factor when choosing a product for everyday use. It is the colors that can become the most important elements of a project if you learn to use it properly. We present a complete compendium of knowledge about the use of colors in practice.

Color psychology does not deal with how colors are formed, but how they affect people. And here scientists agree – colors have a significant impact on the human mind. Properly planned color can not only affect the mood, but also significantly increase the attractiveness of new customers.

In addition to emotional influences, colors also cause physical reactions. It has been shown that in red light human reactions are 12% faster than normal. Besides, the warm colors are better at capturing the attention than the cold colors. Learn to use one of the most important advertising components. It’s really simpler than you think.

The fact that different colors play an important role in marketing is obvious.
Every color has the unique ability to influence customers and trigger some reaction. We all notice how often bright colors like red are used on promotional materials – but what do we know about the rest of the color palette? Learn the color psychology from the practical side and choose the right colors for your company’s advertising.

Eager to use red is a very intense color emotionally. It transfers texts and images to the first plan. It should be used as an accent to stimulate people to make a quick decision. This is the color of blood, which is why it emphasizes the emotions of war, strength, danger, determination, passion and love.

Black is associated with power, elegance, mystery but also with evil and death. Black gives a sense of perspective and depth. It also has slimming power, unfortunately also readability. Black also symbolizes a high standard, not without reason the most luxury cars are sold in black. The presentation of the photo uses a black or gray background to emphasize other colors. The most aggressive and powerful are black – red and black – orange.

Meaning of the colors used in the advertisement
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