How to make money on stocks and photo banks?

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Recently many people have decided to take photos. Very often they are made only for hobbyist purposes. However, few people know that you can often earn well on such pictures. So how do you do that?

Your photographs are the easiest to sell through some of the popular photo banks (popularly known as stock photos). The pictures, videos and drawings that they share are used in newspapers and magazines, by web designers, or used to illustrate books. Our images are generally sold under the Royalty Free license, which means that the buyer can use them for any purpose, an unlimited number of times. It is also possible to sell on other licenses, called extended ones, whose terms are set individually (for example, the customer can only use the image once or only in the author’s way).

The service shares with us a commission on the sale, so your revenue depends on the license terms and the number of downloads of your photo. So the more people are interested in your photo, the more you will earn from the sale of your pictures and videos.

Our best selling photo shoot is to start your account on some of the popular stock services such as Fotolia, iStock, Depositphotos, Shutterstock. Then you have to choose your best photography.

Each of us has some good photographs in portfolio that he can boast of and maybe buyers. However, you must remember that you should choose only the best, meeting the criteria that are valid for the site without any reservations. Sometimes, you can also add some shots of the same subject, but different colors or framing, but it is mainly arranged photography. Since it is only up to us to choose this one best photo, it is best to try to put in place an editor or designer who is your potential customer. In other words, you need to reflect on what the market needs. It is a bad idea to put up photos of very obscure subjects such as sunset and pets. It is logical that the competition in this field of photography is very big, and this dramatically diminishes our chances for decent earnings.

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Of course, because of the high image quality requirements, it’s best to use an SLR, although the growing popularity of Fotolia instant, allowing you to sell photos straight from your mobile device, is a good idea to sell photos taken with your mobile phone or tablet, as long as the subject. And the resolution of the image will allow you to interest our customers with their work.

In banks, your photos undergo rigorous selection and must meet specific conditions such as proper lighting, sharpness, correct color reproduction, and white balance. Of course, the best possible format for recording photos is RAW files, but already to the site your photos are sent in JPG format.

Each photograph should be assessed by ourselves, that is, look at it on a large scale on a computer monitor and look at whether the image is not very noisy, whether the compression artifacts are visible or whether the image is not blurred or raised, and above all, is suitable for use for commercial purposes. Good commercial photography is characterized by the fact that there is enough room in the frame for a graphic to fit within it, eg the title of an article. It is a good idea to find a niche and specialize in it, and then we guarantee that your photos will stand out and you will be able to earn a good profit. You also need to remember to include relevant keywords so that it will be easier for you to find your photo also for customers from other countries.

How to make money on stocks and photo banks?
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