IT security – what should we protect?

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At the present time, it is hard to find companies that do not use one computer at a time. Fast calculators have greatly simplified business operations and have become so popular in the economies of most countries in the world. However, in addition to the advantages must also be defects. Total trust in computer and internet technologies means we are exposed to all the dangers they face in this area. Let’s look at what it is worth to pay attention to properly ensure IT security in your business.

It’s not the machines most often fail, and the people. Sounds can be brutal, but it is the employees who are the weak link in the IT security chain of your company. For this reason, all activities should begin with proper training of staff regarding the main precautionary measures. Here are some key points to keep in mind.

Going easy on people come up with bad passwords, so you should implement a random system to generate them. Passwords should consist of many characters, uppercase and lowercase, and numbers, and be imposed in advance for each employee. It is imperative that you do not put your staff on sticky notes in the area around your desk. Regularly remind people to log off from any session when shutting down the computer. If you have a Wi-Fi internet connection, you also need to remember a good password.

Antivirus software is another extremely important thing. In addition, you need to keep it updated regularly, as thousands of new worms and viruses are downloaded into the network every day.

While pirated apps may and may not be free, in this case 100% of the old saying goes: the cunning loses twice. By purchasing legitimate programs such as Windows, Microsoft Office guarantees that no virus is present in their code. In addition, manufacturers usually provide technical support, which in some cases may be the last resort.

The basic principle is that IT security should be built by an experienced and qualified person, since putting such things in the hands of a layman can end badly. The bigger the company network, the more robots. It is therefore worth keeping a good administrator in mind.

IT security – what should we protect?
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