Graphic errors committed on web pages

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When adding graphics to a web page, you should do it properly. What shortcomings can be listed among the most common graphic errors?

The full size of the photo or graphic is ideal only if you want to print a poster or leaflet, but this is not the case for web pages. Big pictures usually take up a lot of disk space. This leads to the fact that the user has to wait a few or even a few seconds until the entire site is fully loaded. This is one of the most common graphic errors. All search engines also note that your website is very slow, and this is an important criterion when ranking it in search results. Always keep a balance between quality and especially image size, as unreadable and small graphics will also lead to a decrease in your website rating.


The best Tip: You can use for example very popular tools like JPEGmini and PNGoo to optimize your photos. If you prefer online tools, then use TinyPNG. All of these facilities will make the graphics on your web site less space on the server, while maintaining the quality of your site, so your site will load faster for your visitors.

Cropping is a very useful option in many graphics programs. If a photo has too many free and useless places, it may be difficult to understand. Consequently, you will not give the recipient what you mean by adding this graphic. Cropping a photo makes it easy to cut out a specific part of the image to make it easier to read. However, it is important to keep the image trim. Try to leave everything that matters – incomplete images look weird and simply unprofessional.

Currently, many free graphics programs have a crop function, so you do not need paid and large combos, such as the Adobe family. In fact, there are now very good online tools (Pixlr Editor) that can easily perform simple actions on most images.

Thumbnail images and their sizes are very important aspects of every web page. In many cases, they simply forget about them or the programmers do not include software to automatically generate thumbnails. Please note that if you make graphic changes on the page you should also take care of the thumbnails. If your website does not generate them yourself, I suggest Easy Thumbnails.

Lacking the right scale and stretching the image can be fun, but it will certainly spoil the look of your website. Each image should have a 1: 1 aspect ratio. The fact is, this error seems so big that it’s a shame to mention it – but believe me, there are still web pages where graphics have scawed proportions.

Graphic errors committed on web pages
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