Gimp – a free alternative for graphic designers?

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GIMP is a very popular and universal program for editing and processing of photographs and graphics. The biggest advantage of the program is its free license, thanks to which everyone can legally download and use the application without any time or function restrictions. GIMP is a very interesting alternative not only for the simple system editor Paint graphics, but also for the advanced and quite expensive, already famous Photoshop. Although the functionality is at a slightly lower level, but even demanding users use the free GIMP.

GIMP is not just simple treatments in photographs. Like the notorious Photoshop, the free GIMP has a number of functions, such as selection, brush, eraser, fill, wand, cloning, scaling, blurring, lasso, etc. Another advantage of the application is the open engine, thanks to which many independent programmers work on interesting and of course free plugins, tools and add-ons.

Of course, the most important component of the application are the functions responsible for painting. These types of tools include a full-time brush and pencil as well as an airbrush or a stamp. Unlike other, slightly simpler programs, painting with a brush is not only frivolous fun and painting of houses. Thanks to the huge number of proprietary brushes, GIMP becomes a powerful tool in the hands of even inexperienced graphic artists.

Of course, as in the already mentioned Photoshop, also in GIMP, the work takes place on the so-called layers and channels, thanks to which the processing and correction of the pictures becomes pleasant and most importantly, non-destructive, each layer of new activities can be hidden or deleted if the effect work is unsatisfactory. GIMP is certainly a must-have tool for every enthusiast of graphics, photography and digital processing.

The advantage of GIMP is that it takes up little space. Another big plus. Photoshop on weaker computers is loading for a long time and I’m not talking about the latest versions here. For me, even Photoshop 7.0 sometimes causes problems. It weighs only a little, so it can be downloaded quickly and easily even on weak internet. It also takes up very little disk space. I know that we currently have very capacious disks and it does not matter so much, but I still do not like having a collapsed system.

It does not overwhelm the number of options. In GIMP, not everything can be done, but can it be considered a minus? Photoshop for beginners is difficult and overwhelming just because you can afford it too much. Laymen usually use all options at once (especially slimy filters) and create cheesy graphics.

Intuitive, easy to use. After a few clicks and reading two guides you can do interesting things in GIMP. It is very intuitive and transparent. Has a PSD extension. This is a very useful thing. The extension is useful when you want to transfer your file to Photoshop and other graphics programs with PSD support. The other way, however, does not work so well anymore. We can not read layers with masks created in Photoshop in GIMP. This is a free program. We like to use free programs, even if they offer fewer options than versions for which you have to pay some nice thousands. This is also good news for beginners, because you do not need miracles to play with graphics at least and decide if you would like to take it seriously.

Gimp – a free alternative for graphic designers?
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