Where to get graphics for the website?

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Are you running a website now? Or maybe you’re going to start your own blog? In each of these cases, you’ll surely need a list of websites from which you can download free photos for a website or blog.

A site without pictures is like a country without people, something is missing here. They not only diversify the whole entry, the article, but also encourage the reader to frequent visits. After all, your blog or website will not be another piece of content, but a place worth visiting. From the list below you will learn where to take free photos on a website or blog, even for commercial purposes and you will start to create a lot more interesting entries, richer with good quality graphics.

On each page (except for those on which the license is clearly described, e.g. “free of any copyrights”) it is worth checking exactly what license we are dealing with. For example, on, even though terms of use allow the use of a photo for commercial use, the author on your profile page may require additional linking to such a picture. When it comes to the quality of photos, in short it is: great! Some of them are so good that the authors could easily earn from them, but they made it available to people for free.

Pixabay is a great site with a huge database of free photos. All photos under CC0 (Public Domain) license, so you will use them for commercial purposes. Interestingly, this is a kind of photo search engine, and also a database of images from other websites, such as Unsplash or It seems that authors such as Unsplash have set up an account on Pixabay and upload their photos there. Interesting solution, because we have everything in one place, and in addition there is a WordPress plugin that allows you to insert graphics straight to the site.

Unsplash are free images to be downloaded under the CC0 or Public Domain license. So you can do almost anything you want with them. Every 10 days there are 10 more photos of various authors and most of them are really good quality. One of the best sites of this type. High quality free photos, also for commercial use, can be found on the Gratisography website. They are under a CC0 license, like their predecessor, and photos are added every week.

More and more people are choosing to use Freeimages as well. The page formerly known as At the moment, there are almost 390,000 photographs of various quality and vision of over 30,000 artists. Why artists? Because it’s not just photographs – there are also 3d graphics, patterns and many more. The LittleVisuals website is also popular. New free photos appear every 7 days. You can download them in a .zip package and even get these photos in your e-mail if you subscribe to the newsletter.

Where to get graphics for the website?
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