How to design a good logo?

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An interesting logo is one of the most important marketing tools. This is what determines the company or organization’s identity. The logo is not so much who you are and what you do, but it tells you what you are. Therefore, all this logo design is so important.

Many unrelated people use the word logo and logo interchangeably. Error. Logo and logotype, although they share a common denominator, are actually two distinct concepts. The logo usually consists of a sign (sign) and a logotype (a typographic sign consisting of a selected font). Of course, there is also a logo created exclusively from the ring (such as Toyota, Mozilla) or logotype (Facebook, IBM), but they are in a decent minority and can afford companies with a well-established image.

The logo used only pencil and paper. Although it looks like a prehistory, pencil and paper is still the designer’s greatest friend. So before you think about logo design turn off the computer. You will only be able to use it when the idea of ​​a perfect logo is transferred to a card. Why is it better to start with traditional tools? Computer significantly reduces imagination and slows down the process of creating a logo. You can sketch more ideas on paper than in a graphic program, even if you know it from the lining.

Write on the sheet two to four main words that best reflect the nature of the enterprise or the company for which the logo is created. Around each of them write associations. This way, you can create a graphical mind map that will help you choose the right form, color, and so on.
Once you know what your logo should be, start drawing. Sketch as much as possible. At this stage there are no better or worse projects, so do not give up if any idea or association seems silly. Later on you can say that this is what you are looking for. Try different fonts (or make some letters yourself, then draw them in the vector) and ring signs. Do not worry about colors for now. You will use them later in the graphics program.

If you think you have exhausted all your ideas, rest. As far as possible go back to the project after a sleepless night. On the second day you will have more distance to work, so it will be easier to reject the worst.

How to design a good logo?
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