How to design a good logo?

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Logo is the basic element of every brand. No matter if you are a big corporation or a small blog – you want a mark that stands out and you want it done well. Even if you are outsourced to a company or graphic designer, you can fall into the trap pits. How to avoid them?

A logo is usually a simple symbol and a short note, so its creation seems easy. But it is this limited and concise form that makes working on this element very demanding. It is up to you to combine the various messages, values ​​and associations and find a common denominator for them. They are not only high technical and artistic skills but also knowledge of marketing, psychology or even law. So how to create a logo that will not only be nice but also effective as a business tool?

Logo creation is not worth emotionally. Keep in mind that this is just a tool that every day should work in favor of the brand. It is difficult, especially when we are involved in creating a trademark, for example, for our own company, but a pragmatic and pragmatic approach will certainly facilitate the whole process.


The logo must fulfill the image objectives. Before you start the graphic work, it is important to choose what you are doing before the new sign. The logo should convey the style of the brand. If we talk about the sign for a cozy restaurant, it must be friendly and inviting. If you create a logo for a rock band, it will be rather bold and lively,

Logo is supposed to please the brand’s audience, rather than its creators. Do you hate green? If for some reason it is this color that is loved by customers, you have to bite your teeth. It’s not about you here. Marking the logo too often comes down to the “pretty-ugly” level. If aesthetics will be the most important aspect of evaluation, different tastes will come to your voice and you will never be satisfied with it. List criteria that will guide the discussion on the merits of the course.

Stand out or die – it’s on the one hand banality, but on the other the truth itself. At the beginning of the logo creation process it is worth looking at the competition. Collect in one place the signs used by the greatest rivals and try to draw conclusions on this basis. Think about what patterns are duplicated in the competition. On this basis, create a list of forbidden solutions. For example, most rivals use blue, avoid this color in their ideas.

It is worth watching not only competition. Look for interesting solutions from other brands. Of course I do not mean to copy anyone else’s ideas. It is more about patterns and general solutions. For example, the logo below can tell you that you can use an animal symbol (eg a bird), you can also get inspired by a circle written in color,

Put all your initial ideas into the so-called. moodboard, a table with inspirations. You can use this special tool or simply put several files in one folder. For what? In one place and in different examples determine in what direction should projects go. This is not enough if you find that the logo should be eg friendly. You have to visualize what exactly this “friendship” for you is. This is essential if you work in a larger team or commission agency projects but it also helps if you create such a moodboard for yourself.

Before you turn on the computer program, sit in front of a piece of paper and sketch as many ideas as you can think of. Such a brainstorm is much easier to carry with a pencil in your hand than on a monitor. You act just faster and more freely.

How to design a good logo?
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