CRM software for businesses

CRM software for businesses
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Computer-based CRM systems are tools that are absolutely mandatory in every high-quality customer service company seeking to improve the quality of their products and services, and maximize their profits. CRM software is worth deploying in any business, regardless of its size and business profile. Especially since you do not have to pay for them at all. 


Many good CRM systems are available for free on an open source open source license, allowing them to be freely modified – tailored to your individual needs. These systems offer great functional and configuration capabilities, sometimes exceeding commercial solutions. Below are presented free open source CRM systems, along with their brief characteristics. 


One of the best free CMR systems is SugarCRM. It is distributed both in free and paid versions. SugarCRM Community Edition, which is a free version, is a bit poorer than commercial editions, but still the range of features is still very wide. The free CRM package includes not only the most common components for other environments, but also a built-in developer tool for building custom modules. Thanks to it, it is possible to build a dedicated solution for a given company (for example, a module for managing information on competing products) without the knowledge of programming languages ​​or SQL. 


SugarCRM Community Edition is a powerful and versatile tool. It works well in the small business department as well as in a large corporation (thanks to the easy expansion of the system). 


Another example is Zurmo. This is a relatively new and little known CRM system. Still being actively developed by its creators and the user community. Zurmo is recommended especially for small and medium sized companies that are looking for convenience from the CRM system (a nice, clean interface) and features typical of this software class (although of course it is an open source system, so its functionality can be modified). And extended by programmers). With Zurmo’s advantages you can get acquainted without its installation, using the demo online. 


Currently, you can find a lot of different CRM programs on the market. This is a great solution for any business. In particular, you should use this type of programs because they are often free. Thanks to that, at the beginning we do not have to worry about having to invest a lot of money. Such a system will make it much easier to manage the business. We do not have to be very advanced in handling such programs. There are also releases for less experienced users. 

CRM software for businesses
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