How to create online portfolio?

How to create online portfolio
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No matter how talented you are, it will be difficult for you to reach a wide audience – from potential employers to art gallery owners – if you do not have your own portfolio in full glory to showcase your talent. It is obvious that to present skills, the artist must publish his work, and nowadays it is best to do it online. Instead of carrying a heavy briefcase filled with photographs or printouts of our projects, it is better (and more convenient) to create it in a virtual form, which we can easily direct to all interested parties. 


Your portfolio online is at the same time the first impression, the only chance to be noticed among many others. So try to include your best work, choose 5 or 6 examples that will cross-section your style. Keep in mind that your future career may be affected by this. 


About your portfolio start thinking beforehand – preferably before you really need it. At the same time avoid creating work under the portfolio. It’s easy to lose sight of and lose your style while keeping your head in your head so that your ideal portfolio now fits in with the blue image, as it only lacks on the page. Your goal is to be willing to stand out, but not at all costs. Creating a portfolio is a process that should go naturally, albeit as planned. 

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When you’re shooting photos / works on spreads, remember to harmonize with each other. Treat them as a whole. One cannot overwhelm the other, the composition must correspond with each other. 

Also remember to keep your work logically. Stick to the best division that will be clear to everyone. Do not enter too many categories unless you have too much material to present. There is nothing worse than clicking the “graphic” tab and seeing … one job. 


The smallest detail is a well-thought out layout or font cut. The goal is to make the portfolio online simple, impressive, clear and elegant, so you can easily get to the information you need (it’s a good idea to include a “About Me” tab that clearly defines who you are and what you do). A good portfolio should be free from confusion, concise and absolutely on the subject. 

How to create online portfolio?
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