Which computer for home needs?

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Home computers must be first and foremost versatile. However, you can not buy equipment that is cheap, ultra-efficient and energy-saving. When setting priorities, the basic use of new equipment must be taken into account. Computers that will be used to browse the Internet do not have to be equipped with either the most modern processor or an equally innovative graphics card, but the choice of equipment will not be easy.

Assuming that the basic way of using the computer will be browsing the websites, certainly not worth investing in even quad-core processors. Three or even two cores will provide enough computing power even for the vast majority of browser games.

As for the motherboard, it is often treated as a subassembly whose parameters are not particularly important, and most computer users treat it only as an element connecting individual hardware elements. In the case of a computer for the Internet, this approach will not hurt.

Operational memory is perhaps the most important element in the entire list of requirements. In practice, 2 GB RAM are quite sufficient for most users, but it is worth to choose a bit in the future and take into account the fact that in two or three years you will not need to replace your computer if you now buy a computer with 4 GB RAM.
The graphics card is not one of those elements that can be ignored, however, considering that web browsing does not require particularly strong hardware, you can bet on models a year or two ago. In general, it’s best to aim at the average shelf.

Hard disk drive: finding a computer with a capacity of less than 320 GB is not easy, and today most manufacturers propose drives over three times larger. If the files downloaded from the network are to be kept forever on the disk, this is a reasonable solution, but if you do not need it or you will download mainly small files, most of the space will remain unused.

The price standard for home computers is 1.000$, however, if the computer is to be used only for browsing websites (with the exception of multiplayer online games), then it can also be found in the lower range. The method of using the Internet is of great importance here: for spontaneous and rather short-term use, the computer may have lower computing power, it may not be particularly energy efficient, however, for people planning to spend in front of the monitor, a more ergonomic and economical model will be a better solution.

Simplicity is an advantage in this case, no need to update drivers in order to achieve maximum efficiency, no need to conduct regular maintenance and modernization of equipment in the case of cheaper computers is simply an advantage: browsing the Internet does not consume large amounts of computing power, and a simple computer repays with failure-free work.

Which computer for home needs?
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