The best server for an online store

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Online e-commerce stores are very extensive and resource-consuming sales platforms, which can cause many problems when hosting is not properly selected. They cause similar problems as WordPress, but on a much larger scale, due to the large number of files, generating many queries to the database, which, among other things, consume a lot of RAM.

The loads caused by the synchronization of the warehouse or accounting system are also significant. If you want to answer the question of what hosting for an online store you have to take into account, and above all take into account the speed of the store, because the page load time has a major impact on the conversion.

We run e-stores for profit, which is generated by customers who make purchases, which is why we try to get them as much as possible. Sometimes these treatments are so effective that the store is visited by hundreds of thousands of customers after a while. Therefore, it is necessary to predict in advance that there may be a situation where servers start refusing to obey, not handling such large traffic. Hundreds of thousands of customers are equal to not only impressions, but also to inquiries to the base, making purchases, and hence an additional load caused by the warehouse system combined with the accountant.

When deciding on choosing a server for an online store, in order not to disturb it, it is worth considering the possibility of creating the appropriate infrastructure dedicated to our store in the future. For this purpose, it is best to contact the future hosting provider before submitting the e-store and present to him the project, inform him what you want to achieve, what plans you have, or even provide technical parameters to get expert advice on the optimal hosting solution for us.

They want to suggest how to choose the optimal hosting for the online store, which will have adequate disk space and computing power to ensure the site fast and undisturbed operation, we suggest the following types of servers.

Shared SSD Hosting is one of the most popular solutions for small stores, where your site shares the server resources and its computing power with other sites placed on the same server. This solution works until one of the sites does not record a large number of visits at the same time, because then the RAM pool will have to be evenly divided. Such situations cause a high load on the server and result in a very slow operation of the store, and can even lead to server hangs and the resultant disappearance of the store from the network.

VPS server – in this case you receive as part of a larger machine isolated from other separated resources, i.e. access to the system with a defined amount of resources to use. This server has limited resources, but you can change them, adapting to the growing needs.

The best server for an online store
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