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The best and most popular mobile applications in 2017 year

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Mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular. All because of the great possibilities that are dormant in this type of applications. Programs that each of us can take literally everywhere can have multiple uses. Which applications are still the most popular in 2017? Let’s see what Google thinks about it!

The most popular multiplayer game

In the category of the most popular multiplayer game continues to dominate the game of Blizzard’s Hearthstone. No wonder this is a title that is highly appreciated among the players. It is currently one of the most popular games for PCs and mobile devices. This is a game that you can meet at any e-sports event.

The best TV application

In the topic of mobile TV, the most popular mobile app turned out to be Red Bull TV. With this app you can view the Red Bull TV schedule. This is a treat especially for extreme sports fans, as most programs for this type of activity can be viewed on the Red Bull Channel.

The best application

The best mobile application was Memrise. This is a kind of game in which the player assumes the role of a spy who has the task of listening to foreign spies who speak a foreign language. This is a game where a player is happy to learn a foreign language. The application especially appeals to people who like to broaden their horizons and learn new things every day.

The most influential application

ShareTheMeal, this is an application that was prepared in a very good way. This is a charity app. Its purpose is to collect money for hungry children. With one click of your mobile device’s screen, you can feed another hungry child. So far, thanks to the application, it has managed to organize meals for over 800,000 people.

The best game

The title of the best game was Transformers: Forged to Fight. Interestingly, it is a free title. In this game player can take on the role of one of the popular transformers. This is a traditional fighting game. Surely this is a mandatory title for all adventurous Optimus Prime fans!

Currently, mobile applications are very popular. First of all, because devices such as smartphones and tablets can be taken with you everywhere, on any trip or departure. Moreover, these devices are increasingly used for professional work. This makes it possible to perform certain supervisor commands faster and more efficiently. There is a lot of mobile applications and everyone is able to find something for themselves for relax purpose, as well as educational or even some career goals. Market of mobile app is very width and each day new applications have their origin.

The best and most popular mobile applications in 2017 year
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