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The Best photography applications

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A modern smartphone can successfully replace a compact camera. Most of the photos taken with a smartphone are not even on your computer, so it’s no wonder that more and more mobile photo-processing applications are on the smartphone screen. Here are the best photography apps.

Camera Zoom FX is a very powerful and easy-to-use program that offers more features than the Android camera. In addition, the images from the Camera Zoom FX are much better quality than the built-in camera app. They contain more details in shades and are more pleasant to receive.

Camera FV 5 is an application that introduces to smartphones elements known from much more advanced cameras. The interface looks like the viewfinder of the SLR. Here we have the option to shoot in P, A, S and M. modes.

We get control of the white balance, ISO sensitivity selection, but also the mode of light measurement, known from the SLR. We can also compensate for the exposure and, depending on the mode, also set the shutter speed and shutter speed. We can also display a helpful histogram. If we have a built-in flash, we can also control its flash.

Pudding Camera is a very good, free alternative to the two above applications. The program allows you to take pictures with the most essential functions. Like the Camera FV-5, the Pudding Camera also seeks to make the display look like an SLR viewfinder. The options here are definitely less. With typical photography we get only exposure compensation and the possibility of applying a grid to facilitate framing.

The possibilities of mobile app selection for shooting are very many. Therefore, it is best to find the best program for you.

The Best photography applications
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