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The Best educational applications

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There are several hundred thousand mobile applications available on three key platforms. Their numbers are steadily increasing as the number of smartphones and tablets continues to increase. Programs are often useful or entertaining, but they are also the ones that teach. Here are the best educational apps.

Probably the best virtual mathematics teacher in the world is iMathematics. This app contains the full knowledge necessary to harness the science of the queen. iMathematics combines everything in mathematics best in a nutshell: formulas, definitions and theories from many fields (algebra, geometry, arithmetic). You can check your progress and your level of knowledge in a number of quizzes that will quickly assess your skills.

Simple but effective Lumosity application, which is called a virtual brain trainer. It offers a variety of logic games and tasks designed to improve mental performance on many levels, such as speed of decision making, memory, ability to instantiate facts or concentration. Research has shown that doing exercises recommended by Lumosity several times a week improves brain function.

Visual Anatomy is an interactive walk through human anatomy. By using 1247 3D graphics, each user can see how individual organs function. In 2011, this app won the Best Medical App. It is recommended for medical students.

The First Aid program gives the user the opportunity to acquire a complete first aid knowledge. The application includes tips for various types of injuries, fainting and accidents.

Hystorykon is not an application for fans of hysteria and history. It contains a very wide range of information on various forms, cause-and-effect relationships, descriptions of places and, most importantly, dates of the most important events in Poland. With an efficient search engine, you can instantly find interesting concepts and dive into the depths of historical intrigue.

National Geographic is a great publishing company that is up to the task also when it comes to creating interactive applications. Atlas of the World is one of the best programs available on mobile devices. After launching the app, the user shows a 3D Earth model that can be freely rotated and explored. Upon the indication of the country concerned, a number of (encyclopedic) information is opened on it.

The Best educational applications
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