The best BI Systems (Business Intelligence)

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Accounting software, storage, production, design and CRM systems are just some of the IT solutions that businesses use every day. Each of them collects huge amounts of data that together can be a valuable source of business knowledge, provided they are skillfully aggregated, processed and presented. Business Intelligence (BI) systems will help you make the most of your data. 


Business Intelligence is basically the only business class system that does not collect extra information about your business. They use ready-made data sets, other IT systems or standalone databases. The task of BI is to compile, process and present in a form that allows for further analysis (for example reports or statements, and diagrams). Business Intelligence software serves as an advisory tool to help you make informed decisions that allow you to make the most of your business data. The capabilities of Business Intelligence systems are partly overlapping with the functionality of the DSS (Decission Support Systems) tools, and they also support the ubiquitous Big Data concept. 


One of the most popular systems is the free version of Pentaho. The system provides analytical tools that integrate data, as well as a report wizard for convenient visualization. Pentaho is one of the most popular open source Business Intelligence solutions on the market, so there are plenty of extras in the network to expand its standard capabilities. 


Jaspersoft is eagerly used. The free version is Pentaho’s second most popular Business Intelligence system with open source code. Its capabilities are essentially identical (both systems use the same open source engines), with Jaspersoft gaining a slightly more intuitive user interface, as well as an accessible mobile application. Recently, the software has been operating under the name of Tibco Jaspersoft (because of Tibco’s acquisition of the product). 


BI systems have been increasingly used by many companies in recent times. Thanks to these systems management in the company is simple.

The best BI Systems (Business Intelligence)
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