The Best anti-virus software

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The antivirus is the first thing the operating system needs to install on your computer, so as not to expose you to data loss or other threats. Fortunately, there are free anti-virus programs. Here are some things to look out for.

Czech Avast is almost synonymous with anti-virus. It has a lot of annoying features such as the habit of speaking, it is fickle and sometimes over-zealous, but it also has a very good set of filters and security features, including a heuristic scan function that allows you to identify unknown threats. It is not a perfect solution, but it is effective enough for millions of users to decide how to use it. It has unfortunately many enemies that point to other free antivirus programs (like AVG or Avire) as much better tools.

This is, for example, a free version of commercial AVG software. Unfortunately, it gives up a bit, but the difference is not as acute as it would be for a typical user. Both versions are based on the same technologies and offer a very high level of security, almost fault-free detection. Their simple advantage is a simple user interface, which, coupled with the low load it generates (AVG hardly slows down the system) and guaranteed comprehensive protection, makes it a really worthwhile solution.

Avast, AVG and Avira are the most popular free anti-virus programs. Avira keeps track of your computer and gets rid of the threats without bothering you. It is effective and rarely happens to be confused or overly characteristic of other applications. Another advantage is a very simple, clear interface that any layman can handle. By installing Avira, however, it should be remembered that it is free, but only for home use. It can not, for example, protect the computers in the office or office for free.

The next program is Microsoft’s baby, which was born as the successor of Windows Live One Care. Currently, it is one of the most popular anti-virus programs and provides all the most important features for this type of software, including real-time protection. The advantage is high efficiency combined with low load. During installation of the program, it is necessary to check the legality of the operating system. The antivirus scanner is based on technologies found in the commercial version of BitDefender, which unfortunately have been slightly truncated to the paid equivalent. He has many followers. Its advantages are efficiency and ease of use.

While previous free antivirus programs were based on traditional solutions, for example, Panda’s work uses an innovative cloud model. This makes it possible to reduce system load and to quickly detect threats. For the part of users there is a simple interface to the limits of ridiculous. Panda provides real-time protection and keeps track of how apps behave. Unfortunately, unfortunately, the need to have a permanent Internet access.

Of course there are other free antivirus programs. These, however, are the ones that are most likely to be installed, and in terms of security it is best to rely on proven methods.

The Best anti-virus software
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