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Applications for runners

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The jogging app can replace a watch or even a personal trainer. You can use it for free or for a small fee. Here are some of the best mobile apps.

Jog Tracker is an ideal application for beginners who are not yet familiar with how much fun they will have with sport and for the moment they just want to record their activity and progress. The program works with Android phones.

The free version of the app covers only the most basic functions – shows you the route you’ve taken, your training time and distance traveled, information about your speed and speed, and the number of calories you’ve burned. We can also view breaks, but this feature is available only in the paid version. The disadvantage of the application is the lack of advanced audio assistant to inform you about the pace of the run? We only receive voice notifications of distances that appear up to a maximum of 100 meters. For beginners, who have difficulty even a minute of continuous running, this frequency will be sufficient, more advanced runners will not be useful.

The app lets you publish your results on social networking sites, save them in your phone’s memory, or assign them to your account on the official program’s website, making it easier to analyze your results and help you plan your further training.

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The Nike + app basically contains everything a juggernaut needs. Both Android phone owners, Windows Phone owners, and people who prefer the iPhone.

The program is relatively easy to use and very functional – after setting up an account (we have to do it at first launch), starting the workout with the application is a matter of a few clicks with your finger. What’s more – thanks to the built-in player we can listen to your favorite music without having to switch between applications. Nike + records the length of the run, the pace, the number of miles traveled and the calories burned, which are presented in the form of accurate statistics. And if we can achieve better results than in the previous training, we are rewarded with medals for the fastest running, the longest distance, etc. This is a cool form of motivation, and the authors did not stop there.

Google Apps is a great way for people looking for a solid, free and intuitive way to use a physical activity recorder. The program can be downloaded for free on Android phones.

Like other programs of this type, My Trails registers the distance, speed, and slope of the runway (but not only, we can use it as well when cycling or rolling). He also enjoys the presence of an audio assistant, notifying the user of his current speed and pace. Depending on the settings, the messages appear for a few minutes. Unfortunately, there are no options for displaying notifications after reaching a specific distance, such as a kilometer. Too bad, because for many people it is more comfortable.

Applications for runners
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