Alternatives to PhotoShop

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When we think of photo processing or raster graphics creation, our automatic association is Photoshop. Even people who have little or no photography, will point out its main functionality. No wonder Photoshop’s popularity has not come out of nowhere. The tremendous possibilities that it offers make for many people a tool without which they can not imagine everyday work.

But there is some detail, extinguishing the enthusiasm associated with its use. This is the price you need for this pleasure to pay. In case of professional use, this is a fully reasonable and acceptable expense, but when we just want to play with the cousin’s wedding photography, improve our profile picture on Facebook or create a simple invitation for a sarcophagus, there’s a scream.

Fortunately, we live in times when someone has already come up with free and completely legal exit from this situation. There are more and more alternatives to Photoshop that will not only replace it, but will also save you a lot of time in learning how to use it.

Gimp is one of the more popular tools for image processing and creating simple graphics. This is by far the best and closest to the original alternative. There are those who claim that compared to Photoshop, Gimp is a lot more complicated, but running each program is just a matter of habituation and making up new habits. Gimp has a lot to offer its users, just take some time to get acquainted with its features. You can download and install it on your computer absolutely for free.

Sumopaint is the only application that, more than retouching, focuses on drawing and broadly understood creative work. The options associated with image processing are a bit less developed here (and certainly not as intuitive as the competitors). Online version is fully free, for download version, you have to pay.

Very popular program is also Plixlr Editor. Its interface is pretty close to that of Photoshop, but the service is a bit less complicated. It’s actually a bit of Photoshop in the “easy” version. There are layers, the cloning tool, we can use masks. There are only paths, but it’s an image-focused application, not a graphic, so I think you can forgive it.

Photo Scape is also very good. This is an intuitive program for simple photo processing. For example, create a simple collage in seconds. Its features are pretty much truncated, but once you get well with them, they will definitely be sufficient. It’s easy to control.

So as you can see, programs like Photoshop are very much. You can find paid software as well as free software that you can use.

Alternatives to PhotoShop
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